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We can help each other!  We are an alternative news community dedicated to providing you with the truth. We do not cover things up. We do not add fluff and you will not find any smoke screens here. We are not CNN or MSNBC. We give you the truth unlike the BS mainstream media tries to feed us. 

2016 was the year everyone woke up and realized that mainstream media likes to manipulate and deceive. We are putting an end to that deceptive exposure here. We give you the news, by the people, and for the people. 

We are a community of real people who are authors, experts, professionals, hobbyists, teachers and more.

We are looking for experienced and enthusiastic freelance writers to contribute to our growing community of experts in their field. We must not let the mainstream media be the ONLY source for news. Help us to fight back!

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SocialMediaMorning Contributing Authors

Brandy JonesBrandy Jones

Hey! I'm an author, music enthusiast, vinyl collector and a contributor for I lead a crazy life and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Why this woman will be voting for Donald Trump – You must read this!
Christina VixxChristina Vixx

I was born and raised in Toronto Canada. I love writing, poetry and music. I'm a contributor for SocialMediaMorning. Make sure you follow me on Twitter and Facebook!

A Heartwarming Hockey Story
David ZublickDavid Zublick

Host of 'America Talks with David Zublick' and contributor for SocialMediaMorning. Make sure you follow me on Twitter, subscribe on YouTube and like me on Facebook.

Breaking: Arrests Imminent In #PizzaGate Scandal – Names Named!
Dusty FieldsDusty Fields

Born in Vancouver but now live in the beautiful Toronto, Ontario. I like baseball, camping and being out on Lake Ontario in my boat. My dog Sparky loves it too! Make sure you follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest by clicking on the tabs.

Fox News host promoted by Trump calls on Paul Ryan to step down
Fran SeenFran Seen

Diving down the rabbit hole of truth on YouTube. Author. Conspiracy & Paranormal lover. Contributor for - GAB: reallygraceful SNAP: franseenwrites

Comet Pizza Instagram: PizzaGate Evidence
Laurie AlexanderLaurie Alexander

Talk Show Host/Producer at The Underground Resistance Network. Contributor for SocialMediaMorning. Giving you the truth. Make sure you like and follow us on Facebook.


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