10 Inspiring Tattoos and the People who Rock Them

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When you want to make a statement, do it with pride. 

You scrimp and save, you ponder, and you channel into your creative being.  You become one with spirituality and you finally put your creative efforts to work by sketching your ideas out time and again on paper.  You have carefully decided which location on your body would be best suited for such a grand piece of art work.    You make the appointment with your tattoo artist, who nonetheless has a very reputable name.  Perhaps you wait a couple of weeks before you can sit down with them because they are so well sought after. The wait will give you time to collect your nerves, if it is in fact your very first tattoo.

You have had your mind made up for ages and you’re just going to jump in and do it.  After all, your tattoo is an inspiration to you, one that you will forever hold close, it has meaning.  Your tattoo paints a picture, so to speak, of the journey you have endured throughout your life. This art work will be epic and you cannot wait to show it off!

Through all of your excitement, did you bother to proof read?   If not,  that epic tattoo may make the epic fail lists and you will become an internet sensation.  A sensation that will forever be stuck in the digital world.  A sensation for which can be conjured up at anytime, and be used as a reference for what not to do.  You have now provided a service for many years to come.  Thank you for that. 

Don’t feel too bad.  Those rare incidences have happened to even the most popular of celebrities.  Take our Jessie J for instance. While sitting down with Graham Norton last January, she revealed a little secret.   The tattoo she had done while she was young, now gets covered by high waisted clothing.  Jessie may have gone merrily on her way had it not been for her mothers keen eye, and who ultimately pointed out the mistake to her daughter.   You can always count on mom.

Her beautiful tattoo displayed freely on her side should have read, ‘Don’t lose who you are in the blur of the star!’   

Jessie J on the Graham Norton Show admitting that she has a misspelled tattoo on her side. Aired January 2015
Jessie J on the Graham Norton Show admitting that she has a misspelled tattoo on her side. Aired January 2015

How cute is that?  Well, instead what she left the tattoo parlour with is, ‘Don’t loose who you are in the blur of the star!

With that, we dedicate the following to all those who have no ragrets.

Jason Sudiekis as David Clark from We're the Millers.
Jason Sudiekis as David Clark from We’re the Millers.

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