12-year-old in custody after allegedly shooting at mother who begged for her life; woman survives


A 12-year-old boy has been arrested after allegedly shooting at his mother multiple times inside their Burke County, Ga. home.

According to police, the boy fired a total of three shots at his mother on Sept. 14 around 5:30 p.m. over what officials believe may have been a disagreement over his behaviour.

The juvenile had no prior criminal history and was not known to police.

An investigator on the case said the mother had to plead with her only child not to pull the trigger.

Smith went on to say the mother and child weren’t in the same room when he fired the first shot.

According to Smith, the mother was sitting at the dinner table eating while the boy was in a bedroom nearby.

“He shot through the door, the bedroom door,” Smith told WGAT News. “He was in the bedroom and she was in the kitchen area sitting at the table, and the shot basically just went over the top of her head.”

If the bullet had been fired an inch or two lower, it may have gone through the back of the woman’s head, said Smith.

“I guess it was by the grace of God,” he continued.

WGAT News wrote the 12-year-old had wrapped the gun inside of a towel to muffle the sound. After he missed the first time, he opened the bedroom door where he allegedly fired another shot.

“She turned to see what was going on and he opened the door and fired another shot at her, and that shot missed,” Smith told WGAT News.

By then, both the suspect and victim made it outside where the mother begged her son not to kill her.

He allegedly fired a third shoot that missed.

The boy finally surrendered the weapon over to his mom.

He has been arrested and faces multiple charges, including aggravated assault and possession of a weapon.

“If he’s acting like this now, when he turns 17, what is he going to do?” Smith said to WGAT News. “You’re talking about aggravated assault. The next step up from that is murder.”

The gun was believed to have belonged to the father who was not home at the time.

Global News has reached out to the Burke County Sheriff’s office but has not heard back.

Alley Wilson via Global News | Photo:  media.graytvinc.com

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