$125,000 Reward: Parents of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich plead for public’s help in finding son’s killer


The parents of murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich are back in D.C. in hopes of turning up new leads in the case.

Joel and Mary Rich met with reporters on Monday where they disclosed new information and called the conspiracy theories swirling around their sons killing as “lies.” They stood with Washington republican lobbyist Jack Burkman and asked for help.

There have been no breaks in the case since their son was gunned down early on the morning of July 10. Police say Seth was a victim of a botched robbery however his wallet, watch and cell phone were not taken.

“He fought with them and whoever did it, they have some bruises they have blood on them so if you saw anybody running in alleys, if you saw anybody coming home who was bruised and bloodied please call the police let them check it out,” Seth’s mother pleaded.

Joel and Mary revealed some new information in the case, telling reporters there were no shell casings found at the scene indicating their son was likely shot with a revolver.


They also revealed more about what Seth’s girlfriend heard over the phone as he walked home that morning. “She heard some voices or something she asked are you home, he said yeah, I’m a block away, I’m home and he said I have to go and put the phone back in his pocket and two minutes later he was shot and what happened in those two minutes we would love to know,” Joel explained. 

The Rich’s, who live in Omaha, Nebraska, are in D.C. to bring attention to a $125,000 reward. $100,000 of that reward has been put up by Burkman.

“D.C. is like a political fraternity, this could have happened to any one of us, it could have happened to my republican staff, it could have happened to my democratic staff, I have people working for me and often in those same neighborhoods so it’s just something that tugs on your heart strings,” Burkman expressed. He says he is also working on producing a reenactment of the crime which he will pay for and hinted at the existence of some footage from a private surveillance camera.

One of the reasons this crime has drawn the interest of conspiracy theorists is the fact nothing was taken from Seth before he was shot twice in the back. But Joel isn’t buying it, “you can’t defend a lie, anybody who knew Seth knew that wasn’t his personality or what he believed in, it’s so counter to what Seth believed in and there are no facts so how do you defend against a lie?”


In August Wikileaks, the media group offered a $20,000 reward for information in the murder. 

fox5dc.com | Video: dailymail.co.uk | Photo: New York Daily News

If you know anything about this please contact the police and let them know. This patriot needs our help! Please share this as much as you can. Someone had to of seen something ~ DustyFields SMM

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