13 Celebrity dress fails: What were they thinking?

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WERE THEY THINKING?!13 Celebrity Wedding Dress Fails: What Were They Thinking?!

  • Celebs are generally ripe with fashion sense. However, these poor ladies tried a little too hard when it came to their big days, and you will see what we mean. Would you consider wearing any of these?

  • Whitney Houston


    When the late Whitney Houston wed Bobby Brown, she chose a rather interesting dress. She was covered in lace from head to toe. With very little visible skin, the dress was all anyone could talk about.

  • Tina Turner


    As this was not the 73 year old’s first wedding, wearing white was not an option. However, she went a little extreme with lime green and black. This legendary singer certainly made a statement with that dress: she is her own woman.

    • Gwen Stefani


      Gwen may have stepped over the line between creatively colored and flashy in this pink accented dress.

    • Pamela Anderson


      Former “Baywatch” star chose to return to her early roots with her nautically-themed wedding ensemble. Her hubby Kid Rock did not take much more care with his outfit.

    • Britney Spears


      Her dress for her wedding to Kevin Federline was pretty traditional, but the skimpy lace number she wore to the reception was another story altogether.

      • Emma Thompson


        Great Britain–and the world for that matter–were ecstatic over the union of Emma Thompson and actor hubby Kenneth Branagh. Alas, they parted ways in ’95. Her dirndl-inspired gown was far from the traditional.

      • Jodie Marsh


        This was certainly a bold choice for body builder Jodie Marsh. The crimson red color and ruffled skirt makes one think more of prom night than wedding march however.

      • Celine Dion


        Her wedding dress from 1994 was quite the ensemble. It included a seven-pound headpiece that was sewn into her hair to keep it on her head. In addition, the train was a lengthy twenty feet. She sure got her guest’s attention!

    • Luisana Lopilato


      It may have been her day, but plenty of eyes were on her groom–none other than the swooner Michael Buble himself. The eyes that did fall on the Argentine actress noticed her multi-tiered skirt and fitted bodice which was less princess-like than she could have found.

    • Katie Price


      What do you get when you combine acres of poofy pink tulle and a crystal tiara? You get Katie Price’s gown from her wedding to Peter Andre. The dress had so much volume and color that it drew all the eyes in the room to her, and not necessarily for good reasons.

    • Lady Mary Charteris


    Which designer do you want to work with when you want to stand out on your wedding day? Give Lady Gaga a call of course, and she will put you in touch with Pam Hogg who is known for her eclectic style. The groom was certainly left little room for imagination as the majority of her torso was visible. Her tulle skirt did not improve matters either.


    • Mariah Carey


      This award-winning singer was attracting attention because of her large satin dress and not her voice during her 1993 wedding ceremony to then manager Tommy Mottola. She was definitely riding the coat tails of the 80s with her big sleeves and bigger skirt.

  • Tameka "Tiny" Cottle


When Tiny married rapper T.I. she was drown in sea of ruffles. Not exactly the look others would want to imitate.

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