22 Mind Blowing Secrets about the Essential Jordan Paul – Singer, Songwriter and Musician

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It’s hard to deem anything a mistake in an art form that is devoid of rules. -Jordan Paul

22 Mind Blowing Secrets about the Essential Jordan Paul - Singer, Songwriter and Musician
Photo Credit Roger Psutka

Social Media Morning had the pleasure to catch up with an artist that, in our opinion, should already be hitting the charts at number one.

And why the heck isn’t he ?  Have you heard of Jordan Paul ?  HELLO ??

According to his bio, Jordan Paul isn’t coy to artistic experimentation. A clever songwriter and multi-instrumentalist at only 23, Paul has a voice and ghostly style all his own. Citing Nina Simone, Dylan Thomas, and Indian Raga among his creative influences–his style is as eclectic as it is spiritually intelligent. Born in Kingston, Ontario, Paul now lives in Toronto–where he is recording his debut studio release, projected for early 2016.

Paul began playing the piano when he was eleven, shortly thereafter picking up the guitar and beginning to write original material.  

Formally fronting the band Fairview, he had some success touring and licensing his compositions.  At 19, he received his first international television placement with a song featured in a Warner television series called, “The Secret Circle”. 

Since migrating to Toronto, Ontario Canada, at 20, he has spent three years perfecting his craft and gaining accolades.  In 2012, he attended Coalition’s Artist Entrepreneur Program.  Paul has played shows at Hugh’s Room, The Mod Club, NXNE and Canadian Music Week.  He has opened for artists such as Austin Gibbs,  Emm Gryner and Gord Deppe.  

Paul says he feels honoured to be the recipient of the 2015 SHINE Music Bursary, which went towards recording the demo of his song, Archetype X (listen below). In July the song appeared in the Top 100 Alternative on ITunes and is in rotation on 150 college radio stations across North America. 

Paul’s musical influences are The Beatles,  David Bowie, Nick Drake, Mimicking Birds, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, Sun Kil Moon, Queen

Write for Rights Campaign – Paul had the honour of performing at Amnesty International WriteAthon of the centre for Social Innovation in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

His talents have been acknowledged by Sleeping Bag Studios on his track, Archetype X.  You can see their review here .

Archetype X by Jordan Paul


In 2014 Paul won Songstudio Most ‘Pitchable’ Song and in 2015 he was awarded The Jim Fay Music Bursary.

22 Mind Blowing Secrets about the Essential Jordan Paul - Singer, Songwriter and Musician
Photo Credit – Jordan Paul Photos

SMM – How much time does it take you to write a complete song?

J.P – I don’t think we (songwriters) ever feel a song is truly complete.  That being said, it’s usually in the best interest of the composition to move it along quickly in order to avoid unhealthy attachment.  

SMM – Is there someone/partner who helps you in writing?

J.P – I’m private with my songs in the beginning, but I have a few friends that I admire writing with when we get together.  Notably David Sutherland, Neil Bennett, Aidan Vickery, and Shannon Roszell.  

SMM – Are you writing based on what you have experienced?

J.P – Most of my writing is directly derivative of my experience–but I find more often than not–my songs take on greater meaning to me as I sit on them.  I see influence I wasn’t aware of upon first inspection.  In other words–sometimes I have to get out of the song to get it in it.

SMM – Where do you usually write your songs?

J.P –I do the majority of my writing at home, but I always jump at the opportunity to write in a place with less distraction.  I live in Toronto, and often an escape from the city is invaluable to my writing.  Connecting with nature has an important place in harbouring creativity for me.  For instance, Rain was written in an unheated cabin I was renting on Rice lake in the winter of 2013.

SMM – When did you start writing songs?

J.P – About as soon as I gained enough proficiency on the guitar to fake as though I knew what I was doing.  I was about 11 or 12 I believe.  

22 Mind Blowing Secrets about the Essential Jordan Paul - Singer, Songwriter and Musician
Jordan Paul at Black Bird Bistro. Toronto Ontario Canada

 SMM – Who or what influenced you into being a song writer?

J.P –Writing songs always seemed like a natural progression when I began playing.  I was always a writer of prose and poetry, when I learned an instrument–music just became another dimension of my work.  

SMM – When and why did you start playing?

J.P – I always had a special connection with music—my parents played it often in the house, exposing me to classic artists at a young age. I remember a lot of Bowie and Neil Young playing while they would cook dinner.  From my earliest memories I had a deep appreciation for music but can’t pinpoint a direct influence.  Some of my most meaningful memories are of a family friend who used to bring out the guitar when I would visit.  He was ever-encouraging and I was mesmerized by his performances of folk and Country & Western music.

SMM –  Which instruments do you play?

J.P – I generally write on the piano or the guitar. I have a love for world instruments and am very fascinated by the sitar, it’s a beautifully crafted instrument.  

SMM – Is your family musical?

J.P –My grandfather played the piano when he was young, but never in my lifetime.  Beyond that, I’m not aware of any musicians in my family.  

SMM – Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

J.P –Lately I’ve been blown away by Sun Kil Moon.  Mark’s honesty and intimacy is otherworldly.  I admire his ability to get inside a song and own it.  

SMM – Who was your first teacher? Other teachers?

J.P – My first music teacher was a beacon of hope in a dismal environment.  I attended a non-secular school without much room for self-expression outside of a narrow viewpoint.  Though her and I had a love/hate relationship at times, she encouraged me when no others would.  

SMM – Describe your first instrument. Other instruments.

J.P – I currently play a Canadian Breed J-Series guitar with Lollar Regal pickups–I love it.

SMM – Who are your favourite musicians? Groups? CD’s?

J.P – As a devotee of of pop songwriting, I am a Beatles nut.  Anyone who knows me can confirm that.  I love Rubber Soul and Revolver specifically.  The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust is enough to make any musician question the validity of their efforts.  

SMM – Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions? Concerts, radio, TV?

J.P – Absolutely.  I’ll be performing at the Tennessee in Toronto on February 19th with my good friend Shannon Roszell.  On March 1st I’m appearing on CIUT Radio to play some new music.

22 Mind Blowing Secrets about the Essential Jordan Paul - Singer, Songwriter and Musician
Jordan Paul and David Sutherland at Nuit Blanche 2014 – Abbozzo Gallery. Toronto, Ontario Canada
OM Meditation- Nuit Blanche

SMM – How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

J.P – It’s hard to deem anything a mistake in an art form that is devoid of rules.  I like to be somewhat improvisational during public performance–I find it bodes well to keep myself excited and in turn relay that to an audience.

SMM – Do you get nervous before a performance or a competition?

J.P – I find nerves inevitable and natural.  When I reflect on nervousness, it seems a bit silly to worry in such an ephemeral existence. We tell ourselves such silly stories.

22 Mind Blowing Secrets about the Essential Jordan Paul - Singer, Songwriter and Musician
Jordan Paul
Photo Credit Kurt Cuffy

SMM – What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

J.P –  Play live often and be well-practiced. Be in the moment, be vulnerable. You may never squash your nerves but you’ll play great.   

SMM – How often and for how long do you practice?

J.P –  I don’t typically stick to a regimen but I end up playing virtually every day.

SMM – When did you realize you could sing?

J.P – At 13 I started a band with a friend and long-time neighbour, Brendan Kennedy.  I had written a number of songs–lyric and melody included–but was far too shy to perform them.  I had no confidence in my vocal ability whatsoever.  The vocalist we had in the band failed to attend our first gig—not wanting to flounder the opportunity and let down the band–I stepped up and sang the songs.  I had crippling nerves but was immediately approached by an older musician we all highly-respected in the local scene.  He told me to keep up the singing and to forget about our vocalist–that instilled enough confidence to bring me here ten years down the road.  

SMM – What’s your personal mantra, and how do you live by it?  

J.PLove.  I try to increase my capacity to love unconditionally everyday.  There are slip ups but it’s constant balancing act.  

SMM – What do you think about when you’re performing?

J.P – I tend to enter a trance-like state if I’m on my game that night.  

SMM – What else can we expect from you in the future?

J.P – I’m in the midst of recording my new material and am incredibly stoked by the band I’ve put together for this recording.  We can’t wait to share it.  

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22 Mind Blowing Secrets about the Essential Jordan Paul - Singer, Songwriter and Musician
Photo Credit Jordan Paul Music


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