5 Things Straight Men Like To Do in A Skirt

  1. a5c8e2c9d1daaa5f773f3d9382f4421bClean the house like they were a maid and being ordered around by their significant other.

    john lithgow | Boston Fancy bostonfancy.com
    john lithgow | Boston Fancy
  2. Stand in front of the mirror and admire themselves in a feminine role. 

  3. 2e8486217fbcf3d8d175ddb16268af4cPretend that they are truly female and get lost in the feel of silk and satin on their bodies.

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    Walk by the windows as a thrill and fantasize about being exposed. Some men will tie themselves up in hopes of getting caught.

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    Fantasize of engaging in a bi-sexual encounter and imagining what it would feel like playing the female. While they are not gay, being dressed as a female allows them to explore this fantasy.

    By Tempest Vanner 

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