After a silent couple of days, Glen Campbell’s wife releases heart wrenching news

We have been waiting to hear from the Campbell family for quite some time now, and now that we have it doesn’t look good.

The country music world fell in love with Glen Campbell the moment that he stepped on stage. His music has been an inspiration to many, and will continue to be. As many of you know, Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2011. It all started a couple of years before when Campbell became extremely OCD about little things, such as how much toothpaste he wouldn’t put on his toothbrush. After that it all went downhill.

A couple of months ago Kim Campbell, Glen’s wife, announced that he was officially in the final stages of the disease. Country fans came together and prayed harder than ever that God would take away this horrible disease from Campbell. We don’t always understand why bad things happen to good people, but we do know that no matter what happens it can be used to help others. Every story is made for a reason, even if Glen’s story is his life with Alzheimer’s.

Kim Campbell placed her husband in a full-time care facility for a while but eventually brought him back home in hopes of being able to take care of him on her own. Sadly, this didn’t last long and she had to place him back in full time care. The past couple of months have been an emotional roller coaster for Kim and her entire family. They have been living day by day hoping for the best and expecting the worst.

Unfortunately, it looks like it is only going to continue to get worse. National Enquirer reported that Glen Campbell’s voice is officially “SILENCED FOREVER”. Sources say that he has completely lost the ability to speak, and it is so heartbreaking. Glen Campbell will NEVER be able to speak again. The voice that has touched so many lives, is now silenced… I can’t believe this is happening so fast…PLEASE PRAY for this family! This can’t be easy…

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