After the pain of Joey’s death, the Feek’s face a new battle

March 4, 2016 is a day that the Feek family will forever have imprinted on their hearts…

When Joey Feek died on March 4, 2016 the entire country music world stopped. Joey Feek’s life and death had an impact on people all across the country.

Many of us followed her story on Rory’s blog “This Life I live” throughout her entire battle. We all hoped that one day we would get the update that her body was completely healed, but unfortunately that didn’t happen until she went to heaven. Joey’s strength, hope and courage inspired lives all over the country.

When Joey was first diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer we weren’t sure how she was going to react to the situation, but she didn’t let it shake her faith in God for a second.

This family fully trusted in God in every situation that they walked through. One of the biggest things that grabbed the attention of the world was Joey + Rory Feek’s most recent album “Hymns That Are Important To Us”.

What many of you may not know what that the album was RECORDED in a hotel room between Joey’s cancer treatments in Atlanta. This just showed how great of a fighter she was. From the moment that Joey Feek was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer till her last breath she praised God for all the blessings in her life. This woman left a legacy on this earth that will truly never be forgotten.

The Feek family has had several battles since Joey was diagnosed with cancer. First it was dealing with the diagnosis, then it was watching her live life with cancer. After that it was her death, and now the family is facing an entirely NEW battle and that is learning how to live life after the death of Joey Feek.

Many of us have felt the heartache of Joey’s loss and we didn’t even know her. The story she lived changed lives of people that she had never met, but can you imagine how her story impacted those who she knew very dearly?

The battle of moving on hasn’t been easy for the Feek family but they are doing everything they can to make their hearts heal faster.

We have seen Rory post many photos of he and Indy with their family more than before. We have seen them taking great strides to find a new life without Joey. Whether they are gardening, cooking or even just hanging out he has shared it with the world. You can see that Joey’s death has brought his family closer together and they are all helping each other overcome the heartache that has been left from it…

You can tell just by Rory’s post that this family has surrounded each other with love and strength as they walk through this dark valley. Hopie and Heidi, who are Rory’s two oldest girls, have stepped up in a HUGE way to be a blessing to Rory and Indy as they move on from life with Joey.

His oldest Heidi Feek even posted this video on her Instagram showing fans the steps they are taking to move forward. The video is of the girls and Indy playing with bubbles, you can see that they are full of joy but that they are still dealing with the loss of sweet Joey…

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