Amber Rose Vs. Kim Kardashian: Model Plans Sexier ‘Paper’ Magazine Cover Than Rival

Prepare yourself, Amber Rose is coming after arch rival Kim Kardashian! The model has been chosen to be on the cover in ‘Paper Magazine’s’ annual ‘Break The Internet’ issue, and it’s sure to be explosive! Can Amber outdo Kim in the latest battle in their never ending war? HollywoodLife has the scoop!

It’s a battle of the booties! The Amber Rose, 32, and Kim Kardashian, 35, rivalry is heating up once again as it was just announced that Amber will follow Kim as the cover girl of the “Break The Internet” issue of Paper Magazine. Amber has got to be planning something huge if she wants to overshadow her sworn enemy’s legacy. Here’s what we know.

Just about a year ago, Kim displayed her perfect, oily booty on the cover of Paper Magazine with huge words that read “Break The Internet.” And break it she did. The cover was all people could talk about, filling the web with parodies, memes and critiques. Now Amber’s coming for her title, and we can only imagine what she’ll do to kick it up a notch.

Most of the details are being kept under wraps, because of course you can’t break the internet without the element of surprise, but she did talk a bit about it to Paper Radio: “I paid homage to feminists throughout the years. It was an amazing shoot. I got to do a lot of really cool things and wear a lot of cool things.”

“Wear?!” Does that mean she won’t be naked?! Paper has become notorious for it’s artistic, beautifully bare images of strong female celebrities by featuring Kim and Miley Cyrus, 22, sans clothing. It might be even more shocking for Amber, famous for her bangin’ body, to grace the cover fully clothed, so maybe that’s what they have in store. It would be pretty hard to step to Kim without playing the butt card. Or maybe when Amber says “wear a lot of cool things,” she means jewelry. Either way, this is exciting stuff, people!


Amber is showing Kim who’s boss after recently complaining about being frequently asked about her on Watch What Happens Live. On the show, she called Kim “irrelevant” and now it seems like she’s out to prove her point: that Kim K is old news. Undoubtedly the cover will open her up to even more comparison, but we hope more attention will be paid to her focus on feminism. Amber has done a lot of work this year to bring attention to slut-shaming with events like her huge Slut Walk, so we can’t wait to see how her shoot shines even more light on the issue!

From  Story by  Emy LaCroix

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