As soon as Prince dies, the family releases DISTURBING news

The whole world is mourning the loss of one of the greatest artists that ever lived, Prince. 

We are still in shock upon hearing the news about the legendary artist. Prince was found unresponsive on Thursday morning, and declared dead later that day. The cause of death is still unknown, which is something we’re all very eager to know. Although we are all devastated, there are some prince fans that are taking their mourning to the extreme.

There have been many accounts of fans expressing their love for Prince and their devastation over the loss of this legend, but some seem to be more extreme than others. Yesterday, a ‘die hard’ Prince fanatic shared a post on Facebook regarding how heartbroken she truly was. That message was completely understandable, but then the fan crossed the line.

Shortly after this post, she shared a link to a GoFundMe account. With this account, the fan is trying to raise money to go to Prince’s funeral. No, we’re not joking. The fan has justified this action by the simple though- her love for prince is unlike any other.

Most of the nation is greatly angered by this, and we are included. Angered by two things- the fact that someone had the nerve to start a Gofundme for something like this, and the fact that people are actually donating to that cause (Yes, she has raised over $800) when there other causes that are “more serious.” There are hundreds of arguments that supported that thought, just like this post below.

As soon as Prince dies, the family releases DISTURBING news

We are in awe at how low people will go in order to get money. People are mourning, and whether this fan is truly mourning or not, this is not a time to set up a GoFundMe account. I pray that these type of actions will not take place anymore, just for the sake of peace within Prince’s friends and family. 

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