Blunt Betty Reflects on Christmas Past

In 2012 we had many people celebrating the holidays with us. Some were Christians, some Pagan, some Jewish. We had all of the decorations and traditions combined under one roof.

It was AWESOME! The holidays for us is about LOVE, PEACE AND JOY. How you express that is your personal journey. It is between you and your being.

As a person who practices Christian teachings, I tell the story of Christ. If you want to know more that is GREAT! If you feel that you have another path that you want to take that is OK too.

It is not for me to decide what is best for you but only what is best for myself. I can introduce my faith to you but not force it onto you.

One thing I taught my children is that for me, to be Christian is to exercise freedom of choice. In my faith, God allows us to make our own decisions, choices and paths. We either reap the rewards of those choices or pay the consequences. If not on this earth than when our judgement day comes when we pass.
So…..bottom line for me is that if I am to be Christian I must respect the same that God allows. I can introduce a concept but if someone does not choose what I think is best or right, it does not mean I try and force them to change. I can debate if I want, but at the end of the day, as long as no harm comes to another being, I must accept their decision and walk on.

Jesus went from village to village preaching. If you wanted to believe and or walk with him he was thrilled. If not, he wished you well and he walked on to the next village. He did not grab someone and pull them down or bully them into thinking like Him. He gave them the choice, even if it did not work out the way he hoped.

Ghandi practiced love and peace and changed a whole country from that philosophy. Through kindness and peace things are possible!

Something to think about as we enter our Winter Solstice, and celebration of Christ’s birth as well as Hanukkah. There is no need to try and convince someone they are wrong in their beliefs. As long as it is filled with love, peace and respect that is good for me. I have not the wisdom nor the intelligence to tell another what is best for them. The wisdom that I have is that I have to work on my journey first. And that will take me until the end of my days.


Blunt Betty. 

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Patty PI see Canada is taking in refugees.

Blunt Betty –  25,000 

 Patty PAnd some will be terrorists. Such a bad move.
  Patty PVery surprised as I thought Canada was smarter than us.
  Blunt Betty – It definitely is a concern but at the end of the day the majority of people in this country voted in this government and strongly stand behind what he wants to do so it is out of anyone’s hands that is against it. All we can do is pray that it will turn out well.
  Blunt Betty – Our country is taking a very different path than years gone by. Some think it is great. Some think it is a big mistake. The people that think it is great are the majority so…..
  Blunt Betty –  I for one will continue my advocacy for the ones that are already here in our country and are being left behind or forgotten. I will let the politicians figure out what causes they want their photo ops done with.
  Yvonne W.  This was so beautifully written and exactly how I feel in my faith. Thank you for this post.
  Ronda A.  I’ve been hearing 50,000 now. Idk it’s ppl posting on Facebook so unsure if the links they’re posting are true or not. And yes we all have our beliefs and no one can take that away from us nor should we be forced to change our religion to satisfy others. I have live 50 years with the same religion same reason for Christmas Easter etc and I have raised my kids that way. They now have adapted their own beliefs. Some of which bothers me but it’s their choice. Only fear of mine is the refugees they are all having law and rules changed for their own good but we as born Canadians can not. And I will not change my belief in God to satisfy them. They are welcome to have their religion and practice it but they won’t tell me I can have mine


Betty Jean Matthews, Belleville, Ont. Humanitarian
Betty Jean Matthews, Belleville, Ont. Humanitarian

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Feature Photo – Diane Disney Miller Co-Founder, The Walt Disney Family Museum from “Memories of Christmas Past” by Diane Disney Miller

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