Blunt Betty’s List of 5 NYE Resolutions

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It is that time of the year everyone. It’s New Year’s Eve Resolution Time!

Blunt Betty has an interpretation of what those promises might mean from her own past failures. I might not really want to give something up but feel forced to. When I am forced I never seem to succeed.

1) I want to lose weight.

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Real Meaning: All of the clothes on the discount racks at Walmart read xxs and I cannot afford Penningtons. I am tired of people looking at me in awe because they cannot believe I could get pregnant at my age.

2) I want to quit smoking.

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Real Meaning: It is too cold to step outside to smoke. I feel like the only one who is keeping me company out here is my addiction.

3) I want to make more money.


Real Meaning: I cannot pay my bills. I hate my job. I just want to sleep in and
have fun and be totally irresponsible.

4) I want to keep my house cleaner.


Real meaning: I am tired of entertaining on my front step. The
concrete porch gives me hemorrhoids

5) I am going to take better care of myself.


I am getting tired of looking like crap. But then again the word crap..
Define the meaning of “crap”.

It might mean (C) olorful (R) adiant (A) ngelic (P) retty

Yeah that’s it. That is me. So no I don’t mind looking like crap.
Scratch #5 off of the list.

I hope you have success with your list and if you do let me know. I want to live vicariously through you…


Blunt Betty

Betty Jean Matthews Mother, Humanitarian, Columnist, Founder and CEO of Stuck in The Mud Animal Rescue
Betty Jean Matthews
Mother, Humanitarian, Columnist, Founder and CEO of Stuck in The Mud Animal Rescue

Betty Jean Matthews pens under the Nom de Plume, Blunt Betty.  She is the CEO and Founder of Stuck in the Mud Animal Rescue and is constantly and compassionately lending her voice and time to other community charities with hopes of making a difference.  Betty Jean is also a guest contributor for Social Media Morning where Blunt Betty will tell you exactly what’s on her mind. 

You may email Betty Jean by clicking here: Blunt Betty


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