(BREAKING UPDATE) Did former Eagle Randy Meisner shoot his wife in the head??

 Yesterday it was reported that former Eagle Randy Meisner was first under suspect for murdering his wife Lana, after she was shot in the head, and then cleared of the charges just some hours later. However, on the artist’s 70th birthday, Randy is now being held under a 72- hour- watch for threatening to kill himself.

With domestic violence instances in the past, a mood disorder, and substance abuse issues, Randy’s family is currently focused on the well-being of the talented performer at the moment. Randy’s children are currently attempting to make physical contact with him at the hospital where he is being held.

To make matters worse, Lana had apparently made a call to 911 reporting domestic violence, describing Randy’s behavior as “acting erratically,” waving around a BB gun just 90 minutes before the shot went off.

Police arrived at the house to settle the dispute but no weapons were found when they got there, however an hour after police left, the death of Lana was then reported. Meisner claims that Lana went into the other room and accidentally shot herself in the head when she was rummaging around for shoes in the closet near her rifle.

Same friend that reported Lana was keeping Randy under a coerced state of constant drinking last year, James Newton, is working with the bassist’s family to remove him from the psych ward currently.

Watch the video below for more details on the story….


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