OMG! Car thieves drop 8-year-old at school after finding him in back seat

An unexpected passenger. ShutterStock
An unexpected passenger.

Police are in search of two car thieves who dropped an 8-year-old boy off at school after they discovered him in the backseat of the car they stole.

Norfolk police spokesman Daniel Hudson says the boy was sitting in his mother’s car in the parking lot of the post office where she worked.  The mom left the keys in the ignition.

“The two guys got into the car, saw that he was in the car, and turned around and said ‘Oh, we’re here to take you to school, where do you go to school?’ The 8-year-old told the men where he attended school and they took him there.

The mother called police after she returned to the parking lot and found the car and her son were missing.

Hudson said within about 15 minutes, police found the boy “unharmed, sitting in the classroom with a smile on his face.”

The boy told officers he was a little scared during the ride, but otherwise unhurt.

Because the woman had left her cell phone in the car, she was able to track it using the Find My iPhone app. Police found it about three miles away, but the suspects were gone.

Investigators spent the day reviewing surveillance footage from the post office, processing the car for evidence, and canvassing neighborhoods, but as of Monday evening no arrest have been made. If captured the car thieves could face kidnapping and grand larceny charges.

Although it’s legal to leave a car running in a parking lot, and also legal to leave a child alone, Hudson said police could file charges against the boy’s mother.

Courtesy of WittyMix by Aiden Omara – originally  published November 2015

Feature image is NOT the actual victim in this story

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