Cat-Opoly is the Purr-Fect Gift

Pass “Scat” and collect $200 dollars on the Cat-Opoly board game LATE FOR THE SKY
Pass “Scat” and collect $200 dollars on the Cat-Opoly board game

Cross the competitive cat person in your life off your Christmas list – not because they’re a little weird, but because we’ve found them the purr-fect gift!’s Cat-Opoly board game ($24.95) is just like Monopoly, only more fierce thanks to a cat-centric theme.

Players travel around the board buying their favorite cat breeds, such as the Tonkinese, the ragdoll, the Abyssinian, the Sphinx or the Maine Coon. Instead of collecting property and houses, they collect miniature litter boxes and trade them in for fish bones – but it’s not all sunshine and scratching posts. Players also have to pay a dog tax to get past the neighborhood bully, or worse, fall in water and be out for three turns, according to the website.

We could have predicted that cats would extend their boredom to board games.  In 2013, after an online vote, the Hasbro classic board game Monopoly (which did not create Cat-Opoly) dropped the iron token piece and added a shiny shorthaired cat wearing an “M” on her collar – a score for felines everywhere.

The iconic Monopoly tokens get a meow-makeover in Cat-Opoly, too. Players can choose from a milk bottle, sardines, cat food, a mouse, and a ball of string, according to The Huffington Post.

Courtesy of Amy Jamieson


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