Cats vs cucumbers. Is this abuse?

Some animal experts say that scaring cats with cucumbers is not a humane thing to do.


There is nothing funny about frightening something, no matter how ridiculous we think they are for being scared over the situation or object.
Furthermore some experts say that videos showing cats being scared while eating or near the litter box as many videos have shown, will upset the cat’s security when it comes to these areas and,  could cause harmful consequences when the animal is hesitant to eat, or use the litter box due to its association to being scared while engaging in either of these activities.

I guess the question we need to ask ourselves is this.

Animals, like children are innocent beings and vulnerable beings. If someone was to set up something to scare a child and especially to the emotional extreme these cats are being frightened, would we find that funny? Would we scare a child out of their wits, laugh at it, film it and put it on youtube for everyone else with this same sort of sense of humor, laugh at the child as well? Would we find that mature? Would we find that cruel? Something to think about next time you see these videos circulating around. 


Blunt Betty

Betty Jean Matthews Mother, Humanitarian, Columnist, Founder and CEO of Stuck in The Mud Animal Rescue
Betty Jean Matthews
Mother, Humanitarian, Columnist, Founder and CEO of Stuck in The Mud Animal Rescue

Betty Jean Matthews B.A.A. S.S.W., is the Founder of Stuck in the Mud Animal Rescue. She is a mother, an author, an entrepreneur, social service worker, and an advocate for a wide variety of causes. She and her daughters have been featured in Woman’s World Magazine, international news media, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, CTV News, CBC and Global News as well as other local newspapers, television and radio stations including various social media, for their contributions to animal welfare and community involvement. Betty Jean writes a column under the name “Blunt Betty” which is featured on Social Media Morning She lives near Ottawa Ontario with her two daughters. You can write to Betty Jean by clicking here

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