Cop arrests firefighter trying to help victims, over parking violation (VIDEO)

It sounds crazy, even by police standards. A California Highway Patrol officer arrested a firefighter who was responding to a car accident in Chula Vista, California.

The firefighter was arrested, and handcuffed while he was trying to help the victims of a roll-over accident.

The officer got into an argument with him over where he parked the firetruck. But the firefighter said he would not move the vehicle while he was in the middle of patient care.

The California Highway Patrol officer demanded that the firefighter move the fire engine immediately off the center divide, but the firefighter continued helping the victims of the crash… that is, until the officer grabbed and cuffed him.

The entire ordeal was caught on video (see below).

“To detain one of our firefighters in the middle of an incident is ridiculous,” Chula Vista Fire Department ChiefDave Hanneman said in a formal statement about the incident.

“It doesn’t provide the good customer service, the good public service that both of our agencies are there to do,” he added.

Watch the local report below…

Representatives from the California Highway Patrol as well as the Chula Vista Fire Department plan to meet about this arrest.

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