Dear Blunt Betty, I Have to Get Rid of My Pet

Dear Blunt Betty,

 I know you are into animal rescue so was wondering if you can help me? My husband hates our pet and is not very nice to him. Does not hit him but yells at him all the time. The pet is scared of him. He says he needs a new home. What do I do?

Dear Married to the Misfortunate, 

I’d say it is pretty simple. Put an ad in the paper saying:

 Need gone asap.  Clean and housebroken, (if that is fact).  Prior to posting, ensure he is fixed and vaccinations are up to date to ensure he cannot reproduce any more of his kind or spread diseases to others.

There will always be someone to take him in. Even the shelter will.

Then you and your pet can live happily together.


Blunt Betty. 


Betty Jean Matthews,  Belleville, Ont. Humanitarian
Betty Jean Matthews,
Belleville, Ont. Humanitarian

Betty Jean Matthews pens under the Nom de Plume, Blunt Betty.  She is the CEO and Founder of Stuck in the Mud Animal Rescue and is constantly and compassionately lending her voice and time to other community charities with hopes of making a difference.  Betty Jean is also a guest contributor for Social Media Morning where Blunt Betty will tell you exactly what’s on her mind.  

You may email Betty Jean by clicking here: Blunt Betty

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