Dolly Parton was just attacked for her looks, this is hard to watch…

Dolly Parton is getting ready for her first tour in over 25 years and people are trying to TAKE her DOWN for no reason.

Dolly is 70-years-old and she is still today one of country’s most famous artists. She is truly a legend who has paved the way for all women in country music to be noticed and successful. The singer has not been on tour in over 25 years and just a couple of months ago she announced that she was going to hit the road again for her “Pure and Simple” tour.

Many have tried to discourage and take down the singer saying that she is too old/boring to tour, but she hasn’t let ANYTHING or ANYONE stop her from living her dream to tour again.

This wasn’t the only way they tried to get in her head though. As many of you know, Parton is known for her crazy outfits, high heels, big boobs and lips. Of course she loves to look good and has done everything she can to keep herself looking hot, even at 70-years-old.

Recently the star was attacked for the way that she looks and dresses saying that she is a FAKE. They told Parton that she was fake not only on the outside but on the inside too, and she didn’t take crap from ANYONE. She stood up for herself in an interview with Woman’s Day.

Dolly Parton was just attacked for her looks, this is hard to watch…

“They say your first impression of someone is always right, but I’ve found that that’s not true. I know I look totally artificial, but I’d like to think I’m real where it really counts. It’s how people treat one another and what they do and the way they do it — that’s what should matter. And that takes some time to figure out — you don’t know right away.”

Yes!! This is so true. People judge others by their outward appearance way too much. The inside is all that REALLY matters, and Dolly is the FARTHEST thing from fake. I hate that she is having to deal with this!

This is SO HARD to watch… We know the REAL you, and we love and support you! Keep your head up Dolly!

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Photo: TasteofCountry

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