Donald Trump tombstone found in Central Park

Donald Trump tombstone found in central park

There was a creepy and ominous looking tombstone placed in Central Park that was captured in the following Instagram photo. On the same day that Ivanka Trump gave birth to her third child, news of a tombstone for Donald J. Trump has been going viral online. On the tombstone, which has a Christian cross surrounded by flowers, the name Trump is displayed right below the cross. Then “Donald J.” was engraved on the headstone, followed by his birth year of 1946, with no death date.

The tombstone reads “Made America Hate Again,” an obvious twist on Donald’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.
The Instagram user ‘sachinrb’ noted that someone went so far as to place the tombstone in Central Park, and from the looks of the photo, the tombstone appears to be real. According to NBC New York, perhaps the person who placed the tombstone with Trump’s name on it wanted to send a clear message that Donald’s presidential run was doomed — dead and buried. Or, at least that could have been the person’s hopes about Trump’s messages.

The tombstone featured Trump’s correct year of birth — with Donald enjoying a birthday of June 14, 1946, making him 69-years-old. For someone to have a headstone for Trump designed and placed into Central Park sounds like quite a feat and expense of monies in order to “bury” Trump’s presidential campaign dreams. Tombstones are notoriously heavy, if in fact it was a real headstone.

As expected, the tombstone for Trump placed in Central Park is causing quite a stir online. It could be viewed as threatening, artistic, or any number of things. The headstone was once located nearby the famous Tavern on the Green, the swanky eatery that’s been around for years.

Several views of the “Donald J.” tombstone can be seen in various photos on Twitter, and other social networking sites.

“Made America Hate Again.”

It’s a good thing folks got photographic proof of the creepy Trump tombstone, because by Sunday night, the Trump headstone had been removed from Central Park. Workers from the city’s Parks Department hauled the gravestone away.

Reactions to the Trump tombstone have been mixed on social media.

“Whoever place that there should be shot…..”

“Did Donald Trump die over the weekend?”

“Not all wishes come true”

“Distasteful a disgrace for whoever did this!!!!!”

“Whoever did this has some big balls…lol!”

The Trump headstone isn’t the only “artwork” or disparaging object about the Donald being created. As seen in the top photo above, British artist James Ostrer created a sculpture of Trump with his face made up of different animal parts. Donald had the snout of a pig, the eyes of a sheep and raw fish and other things representing dirt around the Donald.

Rubble made of crude oil and gold-leaf appeared in the so-called “Art Central” in Hong Kong. The photo was taken on Wednesday, March 23, as part of an art collection termed The Ego System.

On Facebook, a search for “Trump tombstone” proves more than 37,000 people are talking about the subject. Some find it funny while others think the gravestone with Donald’s name on it should be viewed as a threat to Trump’s life.

“LMFAO, But not really funny, okay yes it is.”

“This is taking things too far. Whoever did this needs to be arrested for a death threat.”

“LMAO! I’m willing to bet it was someone skilled in making tombstones?”

“Wow, someone went to a lot of trouble.”

“This is a sign saying to sit the hell down.”

“I do not like the man (at all) but this is just wrong on so many levels…”

“1- do not even joke about someone’s death, it is not funny, is not a political stance and is not going to help anything.

2- tombstones cost a LOT of money…thousands…
How many meals for the homeless could that money have bought? Diapers? Medication? A tombstone for an indigent family at the very least…”

AP Photo/Kin Cheung

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