Giuliani slams MSNBC bias, tells host; ‘If you find that ethical, you should go get another job’ (VIDEO)

During an interview on MSNBC, host Stephanie Ruhle told her guest, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, that she had never seen “the hate and the racism” from presidential campaign supporters, and that conservative news outlet Breitbart was contributing to that.

“I’ve also never seen the hate and the racism out of so many people,” Ruhle said.

“There’s no racism,” Giuliani replied.

“You don’t think Breitbart News, Steven Bannon, the architect of Donald Trump’s campaign — what do you believe Breitbart represents?” the MSNBC host asked.

Giuliani shot back, telling Ruhle that Breitbart wasn’t running for office and that Trump was in charge of his own campaign.

“I’ve known him for 28 years. The man likes white people, he likes black people, he likes Hispanic people, he plays golf with them,” Giuliani said. “He opened up the first club in Palm Beach that allowed Jewish people, black people, Italian people like me who couldn’t get into those clubs, to get into those clubs. … To say that Donald Trump is racist is outrageous.”

Giuliani went on to accuse MSNBC of being “completely left wing,” anti-Trump and anti-Republican. The former New York mayor told Ruhle that he was an exception because he at least tries to make a point even though the network doesn’t give him fair treatment.

“Do you think I have treated you fairly in the last 10 minutes?” Ruhle asked.

“I said there are exceptions,” Giuliani responded. “You gave me a chance to answer the questions. I appreciate that, but you have some people on this station that are flying off the wall.”

Giuliani went on to talk about Clinton and her past statements about “implicit bias.” He wondered if maybe she was the one that was really racist.

“It’s Hillary Clinton who says to us, ‘We all have implicit bias,’ who I believe has a problem,” he said. “She should look in the mirror. … Hillary, I have news for you. I don’t. Maybe you do, I have no racial guilt. Not a single bit of it.”

Later in the interview, Ruhle claimed that the media can “absolutely judge someone by the company they keep,” to which Giuliani pointed out the controversy surrounding Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and his contributions to the wife of an FBI agent who oversaw Clinton’s email case.

“What the heck is she doing with Terry McAuliffe?” Giuliani said “He goes ahead and raises $650 million for the wife of the FBI agent who happens to be in charge of his case and then he gets the guy promoted to number three or two.”

“There is no way in a million years that it is ethical, to have a guy overseeing my investigation and you give $650,000 to my wife for her campaign,” Giuliani stated. “If you find that ethical, you should go get another job.”

Charles Campbell, | Video: MSNBC via Youtube

You can see she is try to get Rudy to admit something that is not true. More left-wing BS ~ Dusty Fields SMM

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