Glen Campbell’s oldest children win battle to see their dad

In what has been an ongoing saga reaching as far back as last year, Glen Campbell’s oldest children have been granted visitation rights to see their father after the state of Tennessee passed a new law.

Country fans were stunned in 2011 when Glen announced he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He embarked on one final “Goodbye Tour” after revealing his diagnosis, and his condition deteriorated following his retirement.

His wife, Kim, made the decision to place him in a long-term care facility in Nashville, where he resides today and now in the final stage of the disease.

After Kim had Glen placed in the care facility, two of his oldest children from his previous marriages, daughter Debby and son Travis, took legal action against her.

The Associated Press obtained a petition they filed in January 2015, claiming that Kim was keeping Glen “secluded from the rest of the family” and they had been “prohibited from participating in his care and/or treatment.” The petition also claimed that Kim does not visit Glen regularly and also does not allow any of his older children to visit.

However, Glen’s three children with Kim have been allowed to visit with no trouble. Kim did not comment on the claims at the time, and referred all questions about the petition to her attorney.  Debby and Travis’ fight to be able to visit their father gained even more attention when Glen’s former girlfriend and major country star, Tanya Tucker, joined their cause. 

Glen and Tanya dated from 1980-1981, and during that time Tanya became close with his older children. When she learned that Debby and Travis supposedly were unable to visit Glen, she jumped on to help them with their cause.

Tanya spoke to about Debby and Travis’ ongoing legal battle in February of this year, making it clear what she thought about the whole situation:

“He has eight kids, not just the three that are theirs [Glen and Kim’s]. They’re being locked out of being with their dad, and I’ve got to join forces with them. We’re going to get legislation passed that doesn’t discount the older children when there’s a different wife involved.”

After over a year of hard work, Debby and Travis finally saw their cause through to the end. On Monday (May 16) Tennessee governor Bill Haslam signed the Campbell Falk Bill into law.

Glen Campbell's oldest children win battle to see their dad

The new law was championed by Debby and Travis along with Catherine Falk, the daughter of actor Peter Falk. Like Debby and Travis, Catherine went through a similar situation with her own father, who she claims her stepmother did not allow her to visit after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The new law “protects a person who have become wards of the State or who have conservators controlling their finances, day to day living, and visitation.”

A Facebook page in support of the law called Help Glen Campbell shared a photo of the signed bill along with a photo of Debby, Travis, and Catherine from the signing. The caption states that Debby and Travis now have visitation rights with Glen, and they “can bring in fanmail, photos, music and all their love and be with him for as long as they want and as often as they want.” | Photo:

This is beautiful news! Our prayers go out to Glen Campbell.

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