Gretzky thinks hockey has no creativity and imagination

There are many possible reasons why scoring could be down in the NHL. The goalie equipment might be too big, the nets might be too small, or the ice might not be big enough. Whatever the reason, scoring is down in hockey.

It’s not every day we hear Hockey Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky speak openly on controversial hockey topics, but The Great One was interviewed for Lucas Aykroyd’s New York Times’ article and opened up about the decline in scoring and lack of creativity in hockey today.

Gretzky knows a thing or two about scoring, as the NHL’s career leading scorer with 2,857 points, so it’s probably important to listen to The Great One’s on topics such as this. 

(H/T @JasonPHT via The New York Times)

What do you think; is creativity and imagination lacking in today’s game?

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