Have You Ever Swallowed Watered Down CoffeeMate, PM Justin Trudeau?

BLUNT BETTY talks about Canadians in crisis and why we don’t give them the help they need.


Opinion – I think what has made me upset about this whole refugee crisis issue and the Canadian efforts, is that many of the critics towards North Americans who are opposed to this are told, “Well look here, we North Americans are not suffering like this. What the refugees are going through is a crisis,  you mean people get your head out of the sand before I delete you off of my friends list on Facebook.

I am thinking to myself how sad that is.

So many people do not have a clue about the suffering in this country.  For many,  the only reason why they are on the humanitarian band wagon about the refugees,  is due to what they follow on the news or read on the internet

Helping the refugees is fine. I am not opposed to it. What I am opposed to is Canadians turning a blind eye,  or not even educating themselves on the issues at hand in their own backyard.  They sound off and criticize the ones that want to see the Canadian citizens here that are in crisis,  be helped first and not forgotten.

For people to think that we do not have at risk citizens,  who DO NOT get the resources they need, are nothing but naive and misinformed.
When I post these stats and situations about Canadians in great need,  like the babies up North,  do we hear from these people who criticized others for not wanting the refugees here?
Nope.  Silence.  Not even a,  “Oh my gosh that is awful,  what can we do about this?”  

Yet when people did not want to help the refugees, they went off on them saying they were disgusting and mean, and they did not believe so many bigots were out there.  A slight contradiction with an ounce of hypocrisy don’t you think?

 Many Canadians assume that everyone is treated fairly here and has access to everything,  so if they are in crisis it is their fault. It is not being uneducated to say,  we need to help the ones we have here first. It is their opinion that you may not agree with them,  but it is not necessarily an uneducated one.

Why do homeless shelters not take everyone who lines up at night? Because they do not have the resources.

Why do food banks only give out so much food when that amount is not enough for each person? Because they do not have the resources.

Why does not every Humane Society and rescue and shelter take in every animal that comes through their doors? Because they do not have enough resources.

 If the answer here is that there is enough resources to help the refugees my question is; why if we have enough resources to house and feed 25,000 new people to this country, was this never used on the suffering beforehand?

Have you ever  watched our seniors go through dumpsters?  Have you ever seen babies drink watered down Coffeemate for baby formula?  And we have done nothing with those resources to help them.  

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is fixated on helping refugees while taking photo ops,  as many Politcians love to do.  Well shame on you, Justin Trudeau,  us and,  the country as a whole.  How mean we are to smile and wave and say,  Canadians are kind.

That makes me feel like I am no better then a neglectful parent to my kids while I do charity work and get my name in social media allowing everyone to think I am a great and kind person.

Sometimes the greatest acts of kindness are ones we never see.  Not just the ones we see on CNN or CBC. 

With this in mind, why do parents have to give our babies watered down CoffeeMate for formula because they cannot afford nutritional formula? Do we give our toddlers water soaked bread because there is nothing else to feed them?

Among many other charities I’m fighting for,  currently our Northern areas of Canada First Nation Communities do need our help.   Have you ever swallowed watered down CoffeeMate Justin Trudeau?   I doubt very much that you have.

I want everyone to get an idea on how desperate things are in our First Nation communities. Hunger is a real concern there. WE as a country have put great effort and debate into the refugee crisis. We have hundreds of volunteers lined up to help them when they arrive.

That is awesome. Now can we get some help for the people who are starving here and their babies as well?

Fightback Canada - First Nations www.marxist.ca
Fightback Canada – First Nations

Please read this from a coordinator trying to help these starving people up north. This is an email I got today.

We have all types of families but who is waiting and who is matched varies from day to day. We have families with children staying home from school because they are hungry or have no winter boots or warm parka to get there. We have pregnant mothers, we have Elders who scrounge in the dump for food and we have had malnourished babies who were being fed water and dry bread or watered down CoffeeMate because the family could not afford formula. Whether any of these are on the list I don’t know off-hand. I usually try to get them sponsored as quickly as I can. With the malnourished and dehydrated babies I try to get emergency food to their home even before they return from their Medivac.

For my fellow humanitarians, if you wish to contact me about how you may help this cause, we are currently asking for basic necessities for our Northern First Nation Communities.  


Blunt Betty

Betty Jean Matthews, Belleville, Ont. Humanitarian
Betty Jean Matthews,
Belleville, Ont. Humanitarian

Betty Jean Matthews pens under the Nom de Plume, Blunt Betty.  She is the CEO and Founder of Stuck in the Mud Animal Rescue and is constantly lending her voice and time to other community charities with hopes of making a difference.  Betty Jean is also a guest contributor for Social Media Morning where Blunt Betty will tell you exactly what’s on her mind.  

You may email Betty Jean by clicking here: Blunt Betty



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Fightback Canada – First Nations


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