Hillary Clinton defiantly calls F.B.I letter about her emails ‘deeply troubling’ (VIDEO)

In her latest display of victimized demeanor, corrupt Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton unleashed her fury on the timing of the release of these new-found emails the F.B.I has discovered.

Smiling and smirking through almost all of it, she openly displays her defiance in a mockery of the justice system as she blames others. 

Hillary Clinton never once talks about the fact that she shared classified emails, put American lives in danger, lied to the F.B.I or anything else that SHE has done to even give them something to reopen.

Never does she take responsibility for what she has done to cause this. She spins this into her being the ‘victim’. More deceit from Hillary Rodham Clinton and the expected behavior from a manipulating criminal. 

Video: Times of Oman via Youtube | Photo:  lonelyconservative.com

James Comey is doing what he should have done before. Please comment and make sure you share ~ Dusty Fields SMM

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