How did these thieves rob a store in mere seconds ? You’ll be surprised when you see it

Gone are the smash-and-grab days of robbers screaming, “Put it in the bag!” Thievery is far more technical now. These days, people love using devices called card skimmers to get the job done. All they have to do to use card skimmers is place the mechanisms wherever people swipe their cards, like ATMs and credit card scanners at just about every store under the sun.

The skimmer then reads the information from every card that’s inserted into the device. Watch how quickly they’re able to install them. In a matter of minutes, these people can steal your credit card information and your identity.

You must always be vigilant, because in an increasingly plastic-driven financial world, robbers are getting craftier by the second.

Courtesy of ViralNova by Joe Welkie

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