I Beat the Crap out of the Eureka Air Excel Vacuum. Seriously, it’s in pieces.

By Halina Lee – November 04 2015

I sadly said goodbye to one of my most trusted friends a year ago. A friend who never let me down, never failed to stand up right, take the punches and suck up any mess that I created intentionally or not.  One I could rely on unconditionally without fail. A friend so dear to me that I looked forward to our weekly visits and time spent together.   A friend that will never and could never be replaced and live up to my standards anyway.

To me there is nothing like a nice clean, sparkling floor.  The type that passes the bare foot test.  You know that feeling? You’ve vacuumed, mopped and once the floor dried you took off those socks and just relished in the heavenly touch of clean beneath your feet.  No?  You should try it sometime.  It feels amazing.

After a few years with Hoover and dealing with this sudden loss, my husband and I quickly ran out to our local WalMart.  You know what they say about making decisions in haste?  I was so desperate and in a hurry to get a vacuum before my next cleaning day I turned to my trusted Facebook and asked my friends which vacuum would they suggest?   Well, I should have known.  I had many great referrals but Eureka seemed to pop up throughout the thread.  One particular model that everyone seemed to have positive comments for was the Eureka Air Excel.  Good enough, I went with all the suggestions and when we entered the department store, there it was.

I picked up the model and looked it over, read the features and honestly it seemed to be a solid, reliable looking machine.  We made our way to the cash register and paid for it.  We were on our way and secretly I was rather excited to get home and give it a little test run.  Ok, I was overly excited and couldn’t wait to get home to vacuum.

Well, over the course of twelve months when my family notices me going for the vacuum all of a sudden they disperse throughout the house and hide.  Which is fine, I can’t stand vacuuming around objects, including humans and pets. Until the most recent run of the Eureka Excel Vacuum, I had not realized they were actually running for cover, then it all made sense when one day I blanked out and after regaining my composure, the vacuum was in little pieces.

This was the last straw with the vacuum.  Let me dispel some marketing myths about the Eureka Air Excel.


  1.  Weighs less than 8 pounds –  Yes, this is a good feature especially for those who may be in their senior years and it makes for good storage.  8 pounds is not heavy at all.  The average size of a newborn baby is 8 pounds.  However while in the middle of vacuuming and as you are happily pushing forward,  this lightweight will tip backwards, or on it’s side leaving you to stop vacuuming and go over to set it up right.  Every two feet or with every corner.
  2. Carpet and Bare Floor Brush –  I am ever so thankful my home has mainly hardwood floors except for my sons bedroom.  It’s not a shag rug by any means, it’s a typical Berber carpet.  When I enter my sons room to just quickly run the vacuum over I start feeling my frustration rise.  Not because I’m vacuuming my adult sons room, but because Eureka Air Excel will not effortlessly move over the area in a forward position.  Instead you have to stretch the wand as far as you can reach in front of you, place the head to the ground and bring it back toward you.  Even then it is not a smooth run, the head has a small bounce to it regardless how smooth and level the floor is.  I attribute this to the weight.
  3. Automatic Cord Rewind –  This feature is flawless however as smooth as the cord rewinds into it’s place, it does not pull out as easily.  While plugged into the outlet as you are merrily vacuuming away, the cord tends to  resist your lead and will come out of the outlet causing you, yet again to stop what you are doing to plug it back in.  The cord needs to be pulled out entirely before you start vacuuming, do not expect it to follow your lead and extract easily.  It just doesn’t.
  4. Multi-Cyclonic System, No loss of Suction –  OK, this is the one I have been waiting to sink my teeth into.  Right here! There is no loss of suction provided you stop to empty the canister and clean the filters every two feet.  I am NOT exaggerating.  This is where the frustration builds for me and I ultimately curse Eureka.  We have one dog and one cat.  We have a family of four who practice foot ware removal before they step inside the house, I sweep consistently every night between vacuum days and I pride myself on clean floors.  There is no excuse for this unit to lose suction in this house due to a full canister but it does.   The filters become dirty quickly and the canister becomes full even quicker. The minute the canister senses it is full, the multi-cyclonic system ceases and you are left with no suction.   Stop every two minutes to release contents from the canister to the garbage easily.  Don’t you dare replace the canister and think for a second you’re going to have instant suction.  No, no, no.  You stop what you’re doing and you clean that sucker, filters and all.  Reassemble and then continue where you left off.  There is no excuse for an 8×10 bedroom to take up to 40mins to vacuum.  You should have a whole house done in 40 minutes.  The Eureka doesn’t allow you to do this.   It sucks and not the way it should.

Finally last Friday I spun sideways. Twelve months of this was enough for me and  I was just not in the mood to fool around with this machine.  I had places to go and running around to do before company arrived that evening.  I turned into something I am not.  I unplugged that thing, walked over and removed the canister one last time.  Tossed it in the air and used the wand and batted that canister across the room  OH how it felt good.  Then I proceed to bash the wand over and over and over again on the body of the machine before I picked it up and chucked it across the room.  Cheap plastic parts flying everywhere, cord tangled, canister busted, dust and filters strewn across the living room.  I looked up to see my husband standing in the door way.  I pointed what was left of the wand at him and told him, “Get your coat, we need a new vacuum”.

The moral of the story is, you get what you pay for.  Eureka could have done much, much better and I’m left to wonder if there have been fake reviews left on their product website.

Feature Image by: www.apartmenttherapy.com

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