ISIS mastermind of terror attacks in Europe Defects

TEHRAN (FNA)- The head of ISIL Operations in Europe that planned the massacres in Paris and Brussels has defected from the terrorist group and fled from Syria, an ISIL-infiltrator disclosed, adding that the defector is carrying top secret information.

Frenchman ‘Abu Soulayman’, who orchestrated the wave of terror attacks on Europe has defected from the terror group and fled to Turkey.

The explosive allegations have been revealed by ‘Abu Khaled’ a veteran Syrian rebel who still maintains a network within the group.

“He defected from Jarablus (an ISIL-held city a few kilometres from the Turkish border) to the town of Karkamish on the other side,” he said from his base in Northern Syria.

“They must have made arrangements of some kind with the Turkish authorities. He went with fourteen French nationals.” 

Abu Soulayman had arrived straight from Paris, where he formerly ran his own gym or wrestling cub and was an excellent, semi-professional wrestler himself.

Thought to be in his 30’s with either Moroccan or Tunisian background, French intelligence reportedly know him as ‘head of overall operations for Europe’.

The former wrestler has turned out to be a more formidable terrorist foe and the mastermind of all ISIL’s recent terror networks in Europe and he may yet turn his knowledge against the ISIL itself.

While it’s not clear why Abu Suleyman might have wanted to leave the ISIL, the implication was that he and his fellow Jihadis had cut some kind of deal with the Turkish authorities in return for their own safety.

Sources in Karkamis and Jarablus confirmed that the Turkish police are believed to have arrested a series of French Jihadis who have left ISIL over the last month. | Photo:

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