Islamic migrants attempt to rape a European female (VIDEO)

Islamic migrants try to grab a girl and rape her somewhere in Europe.

One of the Islamic migrants stomps on her head as she struggles to get free while another tries to tear off her clothes. Thankfully, the rape was interrupted in time by what looks to be two security guards.


This is so disgusting. Islam is not a religion, it’s a cult. A cult that tells their members to kill anyone who does not believe in the same barbaric ideology. This must be stopped. They expect the world to be tolerant of their ‘so called’ religion but if you don’t follow them, they have the right to kill you.

What kind of ‘so called’ religion tells people to kill others?

Muhammad is not a loving GOD. A loving god would not tell you to kill everyone that does not follow your beliefs. As a christian, I am tolerant of one’s religion but if they are not tolerant of mine, why do I need to accept them? I don’t, it’s that simple.

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