It’s official! Carrie & Mike just released the news we’ve all waited for!

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are one of country’s most adored couples, and after this we love them even more!

We all love Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher for many different reasons, they are the perfect couple. Both of them are super talented and very successful individual but we usually only hear about all of the amazing things that Underwood is doing, but we rarely hear about her husband. That all changed last night though!

The professional hockey player has been playing for the Nashville Predators since 2011 and has seen HUGE success there. Especially at his game last night. The Stanley Cup playoffs game against the San Jose Sharks was a game that Mike Fisher will never forget. The teams were tied 3-3 and ended up going into THREE overtime periods. In the last overtime period Mike Fisher scored the winning goal making the Predators win the Stanley Cup playoff game!

Although she couldn’t be there because of her current tour, Underwood took her excitement to Twitter to brag about her husband.
Even hours later the country star can’t stop thinking about how her husband made history saying that she’s still “soaking up the moment”.
I love that these two are so supportive of each other! It shows just how healthy their marriage truly is! It’s so nice to see Fisher in the spotlight, we’ve been waiting for this! I love this couple so much! They are seriously the best role models, and their baby is so cute too!
via Victoria Martinez, | photo
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