Jeffrey Epstein: Complete FLIGHT LOGS of the Lolita Express and you should see the names!

What do you do when you get to a certain point in your life when you have everything?

In the case of Jeffrey Epstein the financier and facilitator for the rich and powerful, you have money, you have fame, you have power.

You must start feeling pretty untouchable right? I can imagine it’s quite close to feeling immortal, you are impervious to the law and whomever attempts to stifle your actions, you can get get people killed with the snap of a finger or maybe a coded email?

So what is it that drives these people to such perversion? I think the finality the political class and elite reach is that the only direction you can go is harder and heavier. 

To quote Randy Marsh from South Park “Once you’ve jacked off to Japanese girls puking in each others mouths, you can’t just go back to Playboy.”

I think that line perfectly sums up the mindset and method of these creatures in the upper echelons of society.

What can you do when you have crossed every single boundary and taboo and are still impervious to the law, the plebs are still kept in the dark and if caught, you have so much money and power you will only get a six month sentence anyway, as in all likelihood, the judge residing over your case is probably in the exact same circles. 

This is why these people get away with it for so long, even IF they stand in front of a jury, they will be out after a six month open walled “peni-cation” with tennis courts anyway. hell, they probably even had escorts, coke and lobster delivered to them inside.

These people look after each other. It’s much like the USSR, they would force marriage between two people to create internal spies on one another, these pedophile rings operate in exact the same way.

“You implicate me? You are coming down with me!”

In effect, they guarantee each others safety and security by being mutual accomplices, a person with a sane mind can only imagine what went down on Epstein’s “Orgy Island”. The fact he only got 13 months for his depravity only angers me further, as it should you all.

I wonder if the Lolita Express was what was referred to in the Comet Ping Pong “Teenage Aviation” posters?

So, it’s down to society to fix the wrongs in this world.

You can’t trust the police, in any western country.

In the European continent they are Kalergi shills and yes men that nod along to whatever orders are issued from the dictatorship in Brussels.
You can read thousands of incidents of Muslim gangs raping white girls and the police arresting the white persons family for simply complaining about it.

In the US, you still get good cops here. Some are corrupt, but the majority have a good heart. ICE agents I am always suspicious of. FBI…I think Comey revealed how much we can trust them. The NYPD are good people, I trust their timing.

My best response I can give you to all of this if you find your children or family in this nightmare scenario?

Keep quiet and take care of it yourself.

The police are not on your side, so simply bypass them and get your revenge personally.

I don’t think anyone can let the punishment fit the crime more than a family member, the elite are also very reachable by the unknown.

So, make it happen…

Today, I give you the Epstein Lolita Express Flight Logs acquired from the court case of Epstein and a few cracked servers.

I’ll leave you to do what you will. 

Now, here’s what you are after, it’s a compilation of typed flight-logs, the most interesting part of this collection is the omission of females names, apart from certain “High Flyers”:

Epstein v. Edwards, et al.
Case No.: 50 2009 CA 040800XXXXMBAG

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