Kelly Ripa takes shot at Michael Strahan’s divorce on ‘Live!’ — Watch

Kelly Ripa is back at it again with the cheap shots! This time around, she made a jab at her co-host, Michael Strahan, for his recent divorce. And based on the last few episodes of ‘Live!,’ it looks like it’s going to be pretty awkward on set until Michael makes his exit on May 13.

During a pre-planned segment on the April 29 episode of Live!, Kelly Ripa, 45, went a little off script and decided to poke fun at her co-host, Michael Strahan, 44.

The two were set to talk about divorce, but what wasn’t prepared was the way Kelly decided to intro the segment. She made a very clear point to mention her co-host’s prior divorce, and his reaction was priceless!


Kelly started off by saying to Michael, “So, you’ve been divorced…,” and you could see the shock on his face. He definitely was not prepared for Kelly to throw out his personal business in such a flippant way. You can see that he was a bit stung by the mention, even though he recovered very gracefully.

Like a true professional, Michael soldiered on, and the incident was just a momentary blip on the radar, yet you can’t help but think that Kelly’s comment was a below the belt shot.

Sources close to the set said Michael had no idea that Kelly was going to make mention of his divorce in the segment, and his reaction was completely real, according to a report from TMZ.

While the two seem to be on good terms, every now and then, Kelly can’t help but throw a little jab his way. Like during her April 28 show, when she talked about her contract negotiations, and once again, Michael was left to fill the awkward air.

Tensions just seem to keep bubbling over for these two, and since they are both so transparent, it will be interesting to see if they come to a head in the next two weeks, before Michael makes his exit on May 13. Will Michael be able to keep it together on the air for that long? Hang in there, Michael.

You’ve only got two more weeks until it’s nothing but sunshine and good mornings for you!

What do you think of Michael’s reaction to Kelly’s comment? Tell us below!

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