Kenny Rogers just confirmed our worst fear, please pray!

The country music world has lost way too many great musicians and singers over the past year, and I hope we don’t lose Rogers too!

A few months back Kenny Rogers announced that he was going to be retiring. His last tour “Dubbed the Gambler’s Last Deal” kicks off on May 13th in Minnesota and it is definitely bitter sweet.

This man has had over 120 hit singles in the time of his career, but the 77-year-old artist has said it is time for quits. He has won many awards and is a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, this man is truly a legend.

In a recent press release Rogers shared how excited he was to hit the road one last time. Not only that but he gave a huge heartfelt THANK YOU to all of his fans or “loyal audiences” as he called them. Rogers wouldn’t be where he is today without the support of every fan out there, and he knows that. This last tour is going to tell the story of his entire career.

There will be personal stories, photos and even videos. Here’s where it gets scary, Rogers shared something that has EVERY fan praying harder than before.



“I have to be realistic: I’m not as mobile as I used to be on stage. It’s added to my comedy dialogues. But it’s really one of those things that takes the fun out of being on stage, when I can’t walk around and do those things.”

This was our biggest fear, and now it’s actually happening. Rogers isn’t able to move around very well and our hearts are breaking that his body is starting to give up on him. I know he is aging but this is so emotional, he needs healing! PRAY FOR ROGERS! We can’t lose another country legend…not this soon.

OMG! I hope this isn’t the end for Rogers…God, bless this man.

Victoria Martinez | | Photo: Tasteofcountry

RockAndDiscoMusic via Youtube

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