Latest Trump deception by the mainstream media

So it seems that the latest deception by the LYING mainstream media is to have us believe that Hillary Clinton has opened up a 10+ lead over Donald Trump. 

This is utter and complete FABRICATION. This is so far from the truth and it clearly demonstrates and organised collusion between mainstream media and the forces that are propping up Hillary Clinton as their puppet in this coming election.

Do NOT believe anything you hear on CNN, ABC, ETC.


We know that Donald J. Trump is absolutely slaughtering Hillary Clinton with America’s popular vote as the evidence is everywhere to be seen. It seems mainstream media is trying to convince Trump supporters that Hillary Clinton has already won, and in fact, the lead is so big why even vote?

Do NOT let this discourage you. Make sure you tell everyone you possibly can to vote on November 8th!! Let’s keep the hammer down!!

Hillary Clinton represents the New World Order. The forces of good need to stand up to those which try to control the entire world. We must tell everyone we know to vote trump!

If Hillary Clinton gets into the Whitehouse then we will have the same situation that we have going on in Europe as they have unleashed Muslim immigrants on that continent with no assimilation. Never have we seen before so many cases of rape, sexual assaults and violence in Europe and most of it goes UNREPORTED. It’s being unreported intentionally. These people do NOT like us. This will happen to America if Hillary gets in. 

Please give this a share as we all must stand up and fight these forces of total evil. We can’t allow Satan to win. Make sure you vote on November 8th for Donald J. Trump ~ Dusty Fields,

Dusty Fields

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