McDavid offers a friendly piece of advice to Auston Matthews before the Draft Lottery

With mere hours to go until the start of the 2016 NHL Draft Lottery, you would imagine that projected first overall pick, Auston Matthews, has a lot on his mind. While the top 10 teams have the highest odds of landing the first pick in the draft, pretty much anything can happen considering it’s a, you know, lottery…

If anyone knows what it’s like to be in Matthews shoes, it’s 2015 first overall pick, Connor McDavid. So what was McDavid’s advice for the 18-year-old American? Smile.

Considering the reactions that McDavid received last year after he delayed his smile when the Edmonton Oilers were announced as the winners of the lottery, we’d say it’s pretty sound advice. Nobody wants to end up as a meme.


As for what Matthews reaction will be, nobody knows. But you can guarantee that he’ll definitely consider McDavid’s piece of advice.

via Ryan Rishaug, TSN and BarDown | photos Getty Images and Gareth Wheeler, TSN

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