Meet the ‘CMAO’ of the Month, South of 7

Country Music Association of Ontario artist of the month, South of Seven

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Belleville – It’s not uncommon to come across a determination that’s gleaming off young kids dreaming of  making their mark in the music industry.

South of 7 photo from Facebook
South of 7 photo from Facebook

Does jurisdiction play a role in the discovery of new, up and coming artists?  Perhaps.  But again, determination, hard work and over all talent must stand out in order to be acknowledged.  Once that door of opportunity is open, artists have to keep working, probably harder than most.  Lets face it, breaking into the music industry is tough competition regardless of the genre.

Friends and family know they have what it takes to make it.  It’s convincing the rest of the world that they are ‘that’ good.  Until they have an agent or manager, part of their daily job is to promote, promote, promote, practice, practice, practice and finally delivery with fingers crossed and usually an empty pocket book.  Motivation and never ending compromise drives most artists who learn a quick lesson about rejection, but man! Imagine how good it feels when they finally get their chance and it takes off.  The audience feels that energy and wants more.

There’s a group of young boys just from the Belleville, Ontario area breaking into the Country music sector and wow!  They are a force to be reckoned with.

These five young men have formed a band call themselves, South of 7.  If your music preference is Country, you need to pay attention and we can guarantee your foot will be tapping in the first three seconds of the album intro.

Band Members include:

Josh Bourbon – (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar)
Jordon White – Drummer
Alex Bowes – Lead Guitar
Ben Bryan – Banjo, Mandolin, lead/rhythm guitar, Slide, Cowbell 😉
Will Dudgeon – BASS

New country, modern country and classic country.  These lads have their bases covered for you and you will not be disappointed with songs such as, I Need a Truck, Go on, Go on,  and Toss em’ Back will leave you wanting more!


With their first single dropping January 6th, and their second dropping in March. South of 7’s self-titled debut EP is being released in April. The guys are preparing for their biggest year yet!

After Josh Bourbon (songwriter, lead vocals, rhythm guitarist) assembled the band in May, 2015, they have built up some serious momentum and have had some great success. Highlights from the summer such as opening for Deric Ruttan at the Stirling fair, as well as playing with Brett Kissel on the Airwaves tour in Tweed. Both stand out after a summer filled with fairs and festivals, especially for a band that’s just 8 months old.
Not to mention headlining the Belleville fair as well as many other events.  These guys show no signs of slowing down. They continue to work as hard as possible to reach as many people with their music as possible.

“It’s exciting to see how far we’ve come in such a short time, I can’t wait to see whats next. It’s both humbling and heartwarming to see people connect with our own original songs”,  says singer Josh Thompson.

South of 7 Band members. Photo from Facebook
South of 7 Band members. Photo from Facebook

Josh, the songwriter of the group, had no musical experience until his last year at Carleton University. He found his passion learning chords at the age of 22 on a hand me down flea market guitar bought for him by a co-worker. Inspired greatly by the works of George Canyon, Dallas Smith, Brett Kissel, Keith Urban, Eric Church, Brantley Gilbert, the list goes on
After learning and singing cover songs, Josh decided to take it to the next level, securing performance spots in rotation in bars like the New Queensway, The Celtic, and others around the Quinte area.

A fellow teammate and classmate Alex Bowes soon started jamming with him in Josh’s garage, and would eventually start to accompany Josh on some of his gigs. He found his spot in the band as the lead guitarist, fronting solo’s and turning it up to 11. He currently works as a proud member of the Canadian Armed Forces

The next to join was 26 year old drummer Jordon White. A salesmen, and now a happy father of 2, Jordon is no stranger to live music. Having played in 4 bands to date, he’s finally content with his place in south of 7. Doubling as the bands sound engineer, Jordon is an incredibly talented musician with music interests in all types. His biggest influence (Coheed and Cambria) fuels his upbeat tempos and wild stage presence

Ben Bryan joined next after meeting Josh in a Loyalist college Manufacturing Engineering course. The two shared musical interests and were soon jamming together on a weekly basis. Ben joined the band and plays the banjo, mandolin, and slide guitar as well as singing harmony vocals.

Last but not least, bass player Will Dudgeon was discovered through a mutual friend. “We were in a tight spot and didn’t have a bass player for our upcoming showcase at the Rockpile in Toronto. I found Will 5 days before the gig, and before no time was spitting out country bass lines like a tommy gun” says Josh. Will, the youngest of the band at 19 years old, has always dreamed of being able to live the musician dream.

South of 7 performing in Stirling, Ontario Canada photo from facebook
South of 7 performing in Stirling, Ontario Canada
photo from facebook


South of 7 was formed

Currently, the number one focus is preparing for a heavy schedule for the upcoming summer in 2016, as well as releasing their EP.

Be sure to look for the guys in the up and coming months. Their live electric show certainly does not disappoint. You’ll be busting dance moves you didn’t know you had!

Did we mention South of 7 are the Country Music Association of Ontario (CMAO) featured artists of February?   That’s right!  Those kids are making their talent known with the big boys.
Check out the article they wrote about them here: Country Music Association of Ontario Featured Artist of the Month

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