Mexico to Invest in US Border Security


President-elect Donald Trump might as well have been in office for the past month. His latest accomplishment already overshadows everything that President Barack Obama did in the past eight years.

Building a wall on our southern border was a cornerstone of Trump’s campaign platform, and he insisted that Mexico would pay for it. Despite repeated denials, Mexico has now seemed to be inching toward that inevitability.

In a meeting with ambassadors and consuls yesterday, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said that Mexico will invest in modernizing and increasing security along the border, according to El Financiero.

Peña Nieto warned that “at no time will we accept anything that goes against our dignity as a country, and our dignity as Mexicans,” Australia’s reported.

Losing trade deals and $25 billion a year sounds fairly undignified. Mexico has some tough decisions to make. No doubt Trump will accept their eventual capitulation with grace and, yes, dignity.

Between remittances, guns and drug money, Mexico benefits handsomely from lax borders. If the border situation weren’t so profitable, they’d have been more cooperative while they had the chance.

Clearly, Mexico realizes that Trump has leverage on many fronts. They may be realizing that paying for the wall might be the least expensive way to go for them.

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