More Democratic VOTER FRAUD on a massive scale (VIDEO)


Sheriff Jim Kaelin says his office has found evidence that voter fraud has been going on in Nueces County Texas in what he calls large numbers.

Our Rudy Trevino who first reported on several confirmed cases of fraud following the last election has Wednesday’s update.

Sheriff Jim Kaelin

The investigation, once completed, will be handed over to the Texas Attorney General who is already conducting an investigation in other counties.County Clerk Kara Sands she was in Austin Wednesday meeting with investigators at the Attorney General’s office and also with Senator Lois Kolkhorst.

Senator Kolkhorst is drafting new legislation that would help prevent voter fraud via mail-in ballots. In the meantime, Sheriff Kaelin says his office will continue to investigate what he says is a flagrant crime against our most basic rights as Americans. | Photo:

The popular vote in America was 80% for Trump and 20% for Crooked Hillary. Do NOT let them try to convince you otherwise. The Dems used every cheating tactic known to man and still did not pull this off. The ‘No Morals’ Democrats. Shame on all of them. Make sure you share this to your audience ~ Dusty Fields SMM

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