Munich and Bastille Day attack a HOAX?


I would like to introduce to you two very important people. They are Richard Gutjhar and  Einat Wilf.

Richard Gutjhar is a reporter who also happens to have filmed the Bastille day attack in France. He was there, on a balcony, filming the truck attack at the actual time it happened.

Now Richard Gutjhar is the very same person who ALSO happened to be outside of the McDonalds in Munich Germany when the German-Iranian terrorist shot and killed nine people and wounded more than 15. He is the one that captured video of that as well!

WOW!! Pretty lucky to have been the one to get the video in BOTH terrorist attacks in two different countries! Well Richard was NOT lucky at all. Richard was tipped off to both attacks before they happened.

The other important person in this drama is Einat Wilf.

Einat Wilf is Richard Gutjhar’s wife. She is a MOSSAD AGENT. She completed her military service as an Intelligence Officer in Unit 8200 with the rank of Lieutenant. Wilf describes herself as a Zionist and an atheist.

Does this mean Israeli Intelligence was involved? Quite possibly or perhaps a much larger and more sinister group or government. 

Twitter is purging Bastille day video. Not sure who gave them their orders but the same goes for the DNC leak. Complete compression at Twitter as well. This makes us all ask many questions, and WE SHOULD. Keep asking everyone, keep asking.

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