You must see this! Muslim hostile take-over of towns in England (VIDEO)


It is the plan of the New World Order (the plan of George Soros), to flood the world with Muslims so there is a clash between Christians and Muslims.

Muslims in England are taking over communities and saying that England is their country and that England is a Muslim country, not a Christian country.  It is one thing to try to help people in need around the country, but they cannot be allowed to overrun our citizens with their belief as being the only religion and their style of dress to be the only way to dress.

This must be stopped.  We must stand strong together and not allow ourselves to be forced from our land, forced into submission, physically or emotionally hurt, or dead.

The NWO have instigated war and unrest that has forced Muslims to seek refuge in other countries.  Good hearted Christian countries have allowed refugees into their countries, but the hostile outcomes that we are witnessing is not acceptable.

We cannot allow this to happen in America!

Photo: Huffington Post UK

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