NASA confirms that planet Nibiru is falling towards Earth. You MUST see this!

We read more and more news everyday about Nibiru aka Planet X. 
Just what exactly is Nibiru?

Nibiru, also known as ‘Planet X’, is a planet that was discovered in the Reagan administration years. Every president since has signed off on this order and continued to keep the discovery of Nibiru a secret.

The tail is 10 million miles long with trillions of hurtling space rock. 

This planet is going to come so close to earth next month that 600-700 foot tidal waves are possible and a great loss of life on earth with the poles shifting. Several countries in Europe have told their citizens to stockpile food and water. Was this because of a possibly nuclear war between the west and Russia, or was it because of the impending catastrophic event that may occur?

Remember, this is a secret held for several decades. This year, President Vladimir Putin warned the United States president Obama to tell the world of the impending threat to civilization or he will.

Videos: Truth Documentary Channel and Dill Martin via Youtube | Photo:

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