Never in history has a candidate run for the United States presidency that was so morally corrupt


Donald Trump was in Ohio today and blasted Hillary Clinton for staying silent on the fact that SHE received all the questions BEFORE the debate previously. Yet another example of the dirty system in place already between mainstream media and the Clinton campaign.

It does not matter what the issue is, she looks at every single situation and tries to figure out the sleaziest way to manipulate that situation.

Could you image of all of us did that? She went into the exact profession for this snake, and so did her morally corrupt husband.

Hillary is the most corrupt person to EVER seek the job of President of the United States. She should NOT even be allowed to run. 

The democratic party is in such a race to register DEAD voters so they can win this election. Cheating is the fabric of their being. We have seen MANY examples from crooked Hillary Clinton to voters supporting her on the street cheating, lying or deceiving. 

The mainstream media is just an extension of Hillary Clinton’s corrupt campaign. Do NOT trust main stream media.

We don’t want to post all of the examples because there are just way too many.  This United States election is a total sham.  The Democratic party should be abolished completely.  This is a PROVEN very corrupt party and showing support for this party, after all of the criminal activity that has been uncovered, bonds one morally to these band of dirty criminals.

This is the kind of person we need to STAND UP AND ALL FIGHT AGAINST. A morally bankrupt person can be pure evil  in the highest form and we keep learning more each day about Hillary Clinton.

Never in the history of the world have we seen one candidate so morally corrupt running for office. Never. 

Democratic Liars

We must make sure that we VOTE on November 8th. The importance of voting in this election has never been greater. Our world does depend on this. Make sure you also follow me on Twitter and please share as much as you can. My goodness, what will happen to the world if she gets in? It’s terrifying. ~ Dusty Fields SMM  / Photo:

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