Not what we want in America! Migrants sexually harass, humiliate and beat girls and women (VIDEO)

Sexual assaults, rape, violence and murder have become more common in Europe since the migrant invasion. This is the plan for America as well. Thank god Donald Trump has been elected so he can put a stop to George Soros and Hillary’s plan of flooding America with thousands of Muslim migrants who have NO intention of assimilation.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s plan calls for the destruction of America from within, and we see evidence of this everywhere.

If you didn’t get a chance to see this powerful video, you can see it here; ‘Muslim Brotherhood plan for the destruction of the United States’

This video compilation shows several incidents of abuse or violence by the immigrants in their new homeland. This is an example of the left’s sinister agenda of open borders. They want crimes, violence and total civilian anarchy to engulf all of Europe.

This is the same anarchy they are hoping comes to the shores of America via Muslim immigration with lax immigration. The leftist agenda for America.


Photo: breitbart

We simply must never let this happen to America. This WILL be the destruction of America from within if we do. Extreme vetting and beyond. Make sure you share this to your fellow patriots and follow me on Twitter ~ Dusty Fields SMM

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