Ohh P.K SUBBAN…That was NOT good! (VIDEO)

There’s no denying that P.K. Subban is an incredible hockey talent. There’s also no denying that the risks he takes on the ice often hurt him and his team more than they help.

In another example of the former Norris Trophy-winner trying to do way too much, Subban committed a horrendous turnover at his own blue line by trying to dance his way out of the defensive zone by himself. He instead got crossed up and coughed up the puck, gifting a breakaway to Mark Scheifele who then barreled down on Mike Condon and scored the opening goal of the game.

Subban’s biggest drawback is his fondness to hog the puck and attempt to Bobby Orr the thing all the way up ice, and oftentimes it results in negative plays more than positive ones. The difference here was this gaffe directly resulted in a goal against.


Check it out below:

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