People are up in arms over this video of a baby struggling to stay afloat in a swimming pool

We’re all familiar with the age old debate over whether or not one should pick up a baby every time it cries.

But what about when he or she falls in a body of water?

While at first the obvious answer would be yes, you should definitely pick up that baby, a video recently shared on Facebook has people hotly debating the subject matter.

In the short clip, captioned “So hard to watch but every kid should learn this young,” we see a baby girl sitting on the steps of a pool, reaching for a shoe that the adult behind the camera seems to be teasing her with, constantly keeping it just out of her reach.


Inevitably, the infant loses her balance and falls face-first into the water, sinking like a rock before successfully flipping herself on to her back and floating back up to the surface.

Even though the viewer is aware there is more than one adult present in the scenario, and the baby does seem to be an oddly competent swimmer for such a young age, the clip is still very difficult to watch.

Posted on May 2, the video has already been viewed nearly 300,000 times and has racked up over 6,000 shares and 700 comments — most of them from angry people.

The weird thing is, no one can seem to agree which party the anger should be directed towards: The parents who failed to intervene in what could have been a deadly situation? Or the commenters who are angry at the parents for teaching their child to swim so early?

One woman shared her thoughts, saying, “This baby has obviously gone through infant safety self rescue classes. To pass they need to not only be able to back float like this child but also do it fully clothed in jackets and boots.”

Another fired back “No f**king way. That made my stomach in knots just watching. I don’t care how safe or what classes the parents put the baby in. No way.”

“I have to admit, this is difficult to watch…but it’s very important to teach kids to swim. The younger the better. This baby isn’t in danger, the parents aren’t neglecting her. They’re giving her the power to save herself in case something like this ever happened,” asserted a third.

“Please never throw your baby into the water and hope for the best as even breathing in a small amount of water can lead to serious complications and possible death. Always teach them young or take them to swim lessons!” another woman offered.

Some user’s feelings on the video were split right down the middle, like Erin Rusch, who said, “Mixed emotions! Good to teach young ones yes, but so upsetting watching her stuggle [sic], and clearly not like it! I understand this may save her life, but so will pool alarms, baby gates, supervision etc. I dont even know how I feel about this video other than; sad! All I wanted to do was just pick her up and comfort her!”

At least we can all agree with that last part.

AOL |  Video: KingBang Channel via Youtube

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