Proof that Red Pandas are the cutest animal ever

We get that sloths were a thing once, but no animal beats the red panda.

Red pandas are also called red cat-bears and are originally from the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. They are excellent climbers and eat mushrooms, roots, acorns, lichen and grasses. They also steal our hearts everyday.

One reason could be that they’re always adorable.

Red Panda 1

They are adorable when they’re trying to hurt each other.

Red Panda 2

They are adorable when they’re eating:

Red Panda 3

They’re even adorable when they aren’t doing anything at all.  Are we expected to believe that they actually live by themselves in the wild?

Red Panda 4

He can scratch YOUR EYES OUT!!!!

Red Panda 5

Are other animals just afraid of how un-cute they look in comparison?

Red Panda 6

Whatever it is, internet cats need to move out of the way because how are they even supposed to compete with this level of cuteness? 

They actually have the ability to love 

Red Panda 7

 and to laugh.  Red Pandas are the cutest animals ever.

Red Panda 8

via Stubleupon |photos

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