Putin: Muslim refugees should go to Saudi Arabia or Iran where radical beliefs are considered the norm

This year’s election has taught us many things. We learned that Hillary Clinton is basically a ‘gangster’ running for a politician’s job.

We found out that the Democratic party is completely riddled with corruption and lawlessness and will even turn on their own kind as they did with Bernie Sanders. This man was completely screwed by his own kind.

Bernie is OK though, so no worries. He made out with a nice gifted home and he tossed a little support Hillary’s way in the process.

We have learned that mainstream news, that we have all come to rely on, are complete liars and have mastered deception. One of the many lies they will tell is that Russia is a threat to the West. This could not be further from the truth. Russia does not want war with the western world.

Vladimir Putin has stood up to the West and the New World Order, who have high-jacked the American way of life. He has said he does not want war with the West a number of times. You can be sure the New World Order wants war with him though. We don’t need nuclear war and neither do the generations after us.

One of the Left’s plan is to flood America with Muslim refugees. This will overload the system and cause a drastic spike in sexual assaults, rape and violence. We do not want that in America. Here is a look at Vladimir Putin views on Muslim immigration:

Putin also tells Muslim immigrants “You can not impose your own rules (Sharia laws) in a culture that is not your own”

Video: Inessa S via Youtube | Photo: National Review

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