Randy Travis most recent update has the country praying, this is so sad

After Randy Travis had a massive stroke in 2013 his life has never been the same, and probably never will be.

As many of you know, 2013 was a year that Randy Travis will never forget. He was admitted into the hospital with a respiratory infection and ended up suffering a massive stroke. Since the stroke he has been unable to talk, sing and even has trouble walking. He is slowly recovering and has an amazing wife who is doing everything she can to help him recover as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, a quick recovery doesn’t look like it is in the cards for the legend. His wife just released a video that literally brought me to tears. Travis was inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame and walked on stage with his wife Mary Davis to thank everyone for the honor that it was. Sadly, the only words he was able to utter were “Thank You”. He tried to say more but he couldn’t get out the words.

After trying to say more, he gave up. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see Travis but also very encouraging because we haven’t seen much of him the past couple of years. Not only that but we haven’t heard him speak either. Thankfully his wife was there to share how honored Travis was for the award. Her words had the entire room in tears. She shared about the courage and strength that Travis continues to show even thought they haven’t seen he results that they have been hoping for. Not only that but she shared about how Randy is still trusting God, even in this horrible storm…

“Randy has often said no doubt there have been storms in life, but he said that God almighty has carried him through each and every one and today makes him the man that he is.”

Watch the full speech below, my heart is breaking…

I can’t take this!! Dear God, PLEASE heal Randy Travis..

Victoria Martinez Newsbake | Photo: Dallas News

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