Right vs. Responsibility. A Society Full of Entitlement

Blunt Betty Talks About Rights and Responsibility 

Right vs. Responsibility. An Entitled Society
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How true this is. In today’s society we are constantly talking about what we have a right to. However little is spoken about in regards to responsibility or accountability.

We have the right to own a pet but someone else can deal with the litters we throw out there because we don’t want to or cannot afford to fix our pet. So we have a right to pet ownership but not the responsibility to it?

We have a right to have a baby but someone else can pay the taxes from their pay cheque to put a roof over its head, or food in its mouth, not while I am actively looking for work, but for many years to come because it is much easier to sit at home and let someone else pay my bills then for me to join the millions of other working parents and single working parents in financially supporting my family

We used to live in a society where people were accountable because it was public shame to not be. We now live in a society where it is public shame to remind people of their responsibilities.

People say that people cannot help how things are now for them. The world is difficult and they are owed the support. The world was difficult during The Great Depression. If you lived through, or are living in a world,anything remotely close to that, then come forward with your financial complaints.

Remember we live in a western society that has 80% of the world’s resources and yet 8% of the world’s population. We don’t know what suffering is. We don’t know what hardship is. However we know how to use it as an excuse to our benefit.

Blunt Betty

Betty Jean Matthews Mother, Humanitarian, Columnist, Founder and CEO of Stuck in The Mud Animal Rescue
Betty Jean Matthews
Mother, Humanitarian, Columnist, Founder and CEO of Stuck in The Mud Animal Rescue

Betty Jean Matthews B.A.A. S.S.W., is the Founder of Stuck in the Mud Animal Rescue. She is a mother, an author, an entrepreneur, social service worker, and an advocate for a wide variety of causes. She and her daughters have been featured in Woman’s World Magazine, international news media, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, CTV News, CBC and Global News as well as other local newspapers, television and radio stations including various social media, for their contributions to animal welfare and community involvement. Betty Jean writes a column under the name “Blunt Betty” which is featured on Social Media Morning She lives near Ottawa Ontario with her two daughters. You can write to Betty Jean by clicking here

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